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Common-LISP book questions and errors?

I'm working on a project that might start implementing Common-LISP soon.
I have a number of questions and some errata from the Common-LISP book.
Is this the correct mailing list for such matters? Is there a database
of already-answered questions and already-found errata that I should
consult to avoid duplication? Are there individuals I should ask certain
kinds of questions to and report errata to instead of dumping them on
this whole mailing list, or should everything be reported to the whole
mailing list so that everybody gets to see everything?

Replies to REM%IMSSS@SCORE.ARPA or if that doesn't work then REM@MIT-MC.ARPA
or REM@SU-AI.ARPA (or if you happen to be on SCORE or IMSSS you can use
REM@IMSSS or just REM respectively) -- when name domains are implemented
this may be simpler.