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Re: Manual does say left to right

More and more I am reminded of the incident in which Asimov attended
a lecture on the subject of one of his short stories.  The lecturer
made several remarks of the form "this part of the story has thus-and-so
purpose" and "clearly the author had X in mind in writing that passage".
Afterward Asimov came up to the lecturer and politely disagreed with
some of these points, suggesting other interpretations.  They had a
friendly discussion but the lecturer did not yield, and finally Asimov
played his trump card: "Well, I think I might know what the author
had in mind because I am the author!"  The lecturer smiled and said,
"Oh, my goodness, I am very glad to meet you, Dr. Asimov; but tell me:
just because you wrote the story, what makes you think you know
anything about it?"

Well, just because I wrote all the words in the CL manual doesn't mean
I know any more than anyone else about what's in it.  I'm sure a good
deal of work remains for careful reviewers, critics, and exegetes.