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I have been collecting changes that I believe to be non-controversial
into one place.  I also keep track of all Common Lisp mail.  Now that
discussions have been revving up again on this mailing list, I would
like later this summer to gather up the discussions, make up another
ballot, and conduct a poll on proposed changes.  The results of this
poll must, I suppose, be considered provisional until we come up with an
organizational charter.

Appended to this message is my list of non-controversial changes.

Corrections to first printing of  Common Lisp: The Language

10  First two paragraphs should have monospace comma and colon,
respectively, at the left margin.

18  3.1010299957f-1 should be 3.010299957f-1 (first "1" should be deleted).

43  Table 43-1 should include the names "signed-byte" and "unsigned-byte".

67  The comment in (defun discriminant ...) is wrong, because the code
works for complex coefficients.  Change the line
	The quadratic equation a*x^2+b*x+c=0 has real, multiple
to be the two lines
	If the coefficients a, b, and c are all real numbers, then
	the quadratic equation a*x^2+b*x+c=0 has real, multiple

69  Top line, last word but one, should be "replace", not "replaces".

99  In first line of second paragraph, delete the italicized word "newvalue".

145  Three lines from the bottom, the term "&environment" should
appear at the left in monospace.

147  Last line on this page should be deleted; it duplicates first line
on page 148.

157  In third line, "declaration-form" should be "decl-spec" (in italics).

200  At the end of the first paragraph "returns the result." add the sentence
"It is an error if any argument other than the first is zero."
After "With one argument, / reciprocates the result" add the sentence
"The argument must not be zero."

204  Halfway down, the last line of a paragraph "#C(0.5 1.73205)."
should say "#C(1.0 1.73205)."

216  Alter "The divisor may be any non-complex number." to read
"The divisor may be any non-zero non-complex number."

216  Change "For example, (floor 5 2) @EQ (floor (/ 5 2)) ..." to
"For example, (values (floor 5 2)) @EQ (values (floor (/ 5 2))) ...".

216 Before last paragraph, insert this new paragraph:
Note that while (floor 5 2) and (floor (/ 5 2)) return the same first
value, they return different remainders as the second value:
	(floor 5 2) => 2 1
	(floor (/ 5 2)) => 2 1/2
This is why @f[values] was used above in the remark that
(values (floor 5 2)) @EQ (values (floor (/ 5 2))).

276  Halfway down, in the display line before "See pushnew.", the phrase
"(fn item)" should be "(funcall fn item)", with "funcall" in monospace
and "fn" and "item" in italics as before.

307  In the header line for "defstruct", "{slot-description}+" should
be "{slot-description}*" (star instead of plus).

309  First paragraph should end "see section 19.6)." not "see section 19.6.";
there is a missing parenthesis.

325  The name of the variable "-" does not appear in the header line.

347-348  The page layout is a bit confused here; some connection should
be made between the description of ";" and the example.

349  Before the first complete paragraph, there should be a heading
line consisting of a single monospace backquote (accent grave).

349  In the first example of the use of backquote, the character
just before " (print ,x)" is a "t".  (It is badly printed in several

373 Third line from bottom: "print-array" in monospace should
be "*print-array*".

454 In index entry for "defun", first page number should be 67, not 57.

458  In index entry for "macrolet", page numbers should be 113-114 instead
of 93-94.

465  "zerop" is missing from the index (it is defined on page 195).

458  First reference for "macrolet" should be 113-114, not 93-94.

459  Add index entry "newline 20, 21-22, 235, 243, 336, 347, 378, 383, 384,