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compiler-let (clarification needed)

The definition of COMPILER-LET (page 112) states that when executed by the
"Lisp interpreter", COMPILER-LET behaves exactly like LET (with all the
variable bindings implicitly declared SPECIAL).  However, on page 143 it
states that a Common Lisp implementation might, for example, expand macros in
a DEFUN at the time the DEFUN is executed.

Since the primary purpose of COMPILER-LET is to provide for the communication
of information at macro expansion time, I believe that if an implementation
(even when "interpreting") expands macros before run-time, then it should
process a COMPILER-LET at that same time, in which case COMPILER-LET is NOT the
same as LET.

The definition of COMPILER-LET should be changed to make this clear.

  Alan Snyder