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Misc Queries

    Date: Sat, 23 Nov 85 10:13:25 MST
    From: glacier!shebs%utah-orion@utah-cs.arpa (Stanley Shebs)

    While working on PCLS, we've encountered some situations which are probably
    trivial, but which I don't recall having been brought up:

    1) What should (export nil) do?  The CLM says that the first argument
    is either a symbol or list of symbols, but doesn't tell how to handle
    nil.  Personally, I would prefer having nil mean an empty list, but Spice
    code assumes you want to export the symbol nil.

Since (export (nil)) gets you the symbol interpretation, (export nil)
should mean (export ()).  This should be a general principle: things
that take symbols or lists of symbols interpret nil as ().  Of
course, this an example of how bankrupt having () be a symbol is.