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[vrotney@isi-vaxa.ARPA: Forwarded]

    Date: Thu, 23 Jan 86 16:33 EST
    From: Guy Steele <gls@THINK-AQUINAS.ARPA>

    Can anyone help with the following problem?
	Date: Wed, 22 Jan 86 18:00:58 pst
	From: vrotney@isi-vaxa.ARPA (Bill Vrotney)
        I need a public domain loop macro
	that is roughly equivalent to the Zetalisp version,
	but will compile under Common Lisp.

I don't have one, but if someone wants to write one I may be
able to offer some guidance.  I'd like to see it redesigned,
but perhaps there is enough demand for a simple reimplementation
in Common Lisp of the existing specification.