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case-sensitivity: an immodest proposal

In reply to the mail from ucbvax:<Kim:jkf>:

Let me clarify what Moon said.  Masinter's proposal ALLOWS private code
in a CL dialect to be written in mixed case (and the case is
significant), but FORBIDS the existing ability to write portable code in
mixed case (and have the case be ignored).  Moon said:

                                It seems to me that all the modest
    proposal accomplishes (for portable programs) is not allowing them to
    be written in upper case, hardly an improvement.

So what we have is a tradeoff in which the proposal adds restrictions to
portable use of CL, in exchange for more flexible use of non-portable
CL.  This is not consonant with CL's primary goals.  For this reason
I would also like to go on record as being opposed to the proposal.