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What packages contain.

    From: "BACH::GREEK" <greek%bach.decnet@hudson.dec.com>

Two thing: (1) Your mailer is specifying a completely out-to-lunch date
	Date: 0  0 00:00:00 EST
and (2) there is no newline between your header and the first paragraph
of text, which implies the text is still part of the header.

    I agree with Dave Plummer.  That sounds like the best organization.  
    LISP has only standard Common LISP stuff, and EXTENDED-LISP (say) has 
    all other public things.  SYSTEM just has system hackery.

I don't think it should be called EXTENDED-LISP.  DEC's EXTENDED-LISP
package would not contain the same as Symbolic's EXTENDED-LISP package.

    Now, what the USER package should use and what MAKE-PACKAGE should use 
    by default is still not completely clear.  
I agree, as I stated in my last message.
    I think USER should get 
    everything (i.e., use both LISP and EXTENDED-LISP).  
    Perhaps this is the right default for MAKE-PACKAGE just for consistency's sake.  
I disagree.  My current reason is that MAKE-PACKAGE is a CL tool to make
CL packages, and EXTENDED-LISP is not part of the default CL packages.
    A person writing a layered product can just say to use only LISP.
Continuing... A person writing a layered product on CL need only use
MAKE-PACKAGE, which, after all, is pure CL.  A person writing a layered
product based on the extended features of some other package must
explicitly use that package, which, after all, is not pure CL.