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In Spice Lisp, the :verbose option to load prints just an introductory
and completion message, while the :print option says something for each
item loaded.  I think that this is what page 426 is trying to tell us,
though I admit that :verbose is described so loosely as to allow all
sorts of stuff to be printed.  I would suggest a clarification that says
that :verbose is intended to print some useful information about the
file itself, but should not print anything about individual items in the

It's too bad we chose those names, because they are confusing.  :verbose
isn't very verbose and is not the most verbose of the available options.
I think we followed Maclisp in this.  If the world were young, I would
suggest that :verbose print a comment for each item loaded, that the
default be to print just the "Loading FOO ...done." message, and that
there be a :silent keyword when you want to suppress all printout.  But
this is probably not important enough to be worht an incompatible

-- Scott