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Can we get some clarification about what is meant by :VERBOSE T to LOAD?
There is verbose and then there's VERBOSE. Without specifying exactly
what is typed out, we should give guidelines about what kinds of things
should or could be typed out. In particular, some implementations seem
to do:

 (LOAD "foo" :VERBOSE T)
 Loading "foo" ... done.

while others do:

 (LOAD "foo" :VERBOSE T)
 Started loading the file "foo"
 Variable *JOE*
 Variable *MARY*
 Variable *SPOT*
 Function RUN
 Function PLAY
 Function WORK
 Done loading the file "foo"

I certainly don't mind an implementation providing a way to get the
latter information, since it's sometimes quite useful. I do, however,
mind having the :VERBOSE keyword be the way to turn that information on
because it forces me to do the following:

		    (FORMAT T "~&Loading ~A ..." PATH)
		    (FORMAT T " done.~%"))

I presume the reason that we provided :VERBOSE in the first place was to
be able to provide a portable way to get around writing standard idioms
like this.