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Collecting proposals for packages, readtables, etc.

  o  What exactly is the compilation environment.

  o  How is the LISP environment affected by a compilation.

  o  How are multiple files/modules built into a large system.

  o  How does the compilation environment compare to the load environment.

  o  Etc.

These questions must be answered in concert, with thought given to the
whole problem of the LISP environment.  I'd be willing to bet that an
answer to one or two simpler problems would seem reasonable, but when
placed in the larger context might be totally wrong.

I was struck by a simple comment someone made:  The right thing for the
compiler to do is to clone the LISP environment, do the compilation, and
discard the clone; however, this is not what people expect or want.

Is there an environment committee?  If not, does it make sense to start one?

- Paul