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Where Pure Common Lisp lives

    If you want to make a package that uses the same exported symbols as the
    user package, you do (MAKE-PACKAGE "MY-VERY-OWN-PACKAGE"
    I don't see any reason why we need to add a new language feature that
    duplicates this.  I agree completely with the people who say that the default
    for :USE in MAKE-PACKAGE should be the portable default, not the full
    local extensions.

Hmmmm...is USER allowed to start up with random local extensions in it,
or is it supposed to inherit ONLY from the LISP package, which is now
pure Common Lisp?  How have people been reading this?  Part of my
objection to making LISP pure was because I assumed that this meant USER
had to be pure as well, which means that we need another standard place
to look for the default local environment.

-- Scott