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Where Pure Common Lisp lives

    Date: Friday, 23 May 1986  10:33-EDT
    From: Scott E. Fahlman <Fahlman at C.CS.CMU.EDU>
    Sender: FAHLMAN at C.CS.CMU.EDU
    Re:   Where Pure Common Lisp lives

    I'm not wedded to the name "LOCAL", but if the place you go to get the
    default good environment on your machine is not "LISP", it has to be
    some standard package name.

Actually, I agree more with Plummer - the EXTENDED package you mention
will probably offer a totally different environment in each CL
implementation.  You DO want your user to hunt for it (i.e., look in
the doc), since the coincidence of the name might make the user
believe that the same interfaces are offered in each CL.

This is just the naming problem on a grander scale, offerred up
because of the global namespace of package names.  If I write an FFT
package and DCP does too, and we both call the package FFT, and the
interfaces (functions) in the packages are different, that's a bug,
not a feature.

	-- Richard