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Proposal 4 is still on the list of things that will come before the
technical committee, but I personally no longer support it.  It was a
very marginal idea anyway, with practically no uses in portable code.  I
thought that if we could all agree on a reasonable format for returning
the names of the functions, whenever they are available, it might be of
some use to have a standard interface to this feature.  As it stands,
we've got several different proposals on how to do this, each of which
seems to be best on some system or other, plus people who don't think
it's a good idea to peek inside the black box surronding a function's
implementation.  I now believe we should forget this proposal and move
on to other issues of more importance.  Users who want to get at a
function's argument list will just have to learn how their local system
encodes this information, if it does so at all.

I still support proposals 1, 2, and some form of 3.  (I don't care much
whether it's 3A or 3B.)

-- Scott