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(declare (type fixnum ---)) considered etc.

Re: If you really want to go least-common-denominator, you will probably
    have to settle for 7 guarenteed bits, or maybe 8 or 9; I can't remember
    how big MacLisp fixnums are.

MacLisp's fixnums are 36 bits in width;  Interlisp-D's fixnums are 32 bits
wide (they are called FIXP's in Interlisp parlance).

There seems to be some confusion between the type FIXNUM with the (informal) 
type "non-consing, small fixnum".  Interlisp call's the latter variety 
SMALLP's, and on the D machines they are 17 bits wide;  MacLisp generally 
guarantees non-consing behaviour only for a modest subrange of fixnums, but 
the infamous NCOMPLR handles full 36-bit fixnums and generally avoids consing 
them by using "strong typing" compiler techniques.

-- JonL --