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Loop Macro (after Zetalisp, Franz, etc.)

    Date: Thu, 2 Jul 87 08:25:11 edt
    From: mab@flash.bellcore.com (Marie Bienkowski)

    Has anyone ported the wonderful loop macro provided
    e.g., with Symbolics Zetalisp, into regular Common
    Lisp (most particularly, Lucid Common Lisp).

    Even a port into another Common Lisp would be helpful.

			    Thanks in advance

Read below. This is an exerpt from our local copy of the file which the exerpt
describes. We use this with Lucid Common Lisp. BTW, the file is about 58K bytes.


   ;;;; LOOP Iteration Macro
   ;;; This is the "officially sanctioned" version of LOOP for running in
   ;;; Common Lisp.  It is a conversion of LOOP 829, which is fairly close to
   ;;; that released with Symbolics Release 6.1 (803).  This conversion was
   ;;; made by Glenn Burke (one of the original author/maintainers);  the
   ;;; work was performed at Palladian Software, in Cambridge MA, April 1986.
   ;;; The current version of this file will be maintained at MIT, available
   ;;; for anonymous FTP on MC.LCS.MIT.EDU from the file "LSB1;CLLOOP >".  This
   ;;; location will no doubt change sometime in the future.

[NB. It appears to have been moved to AI.AI.MIT.EDU in "GSB;CLLOOP >" -jeff]

   ;;; This file, like the LOOP it is derived from, has unrestricted
   ;;; distribution -- anyone may take it and use it.  But for the sake of
   ;;; consistency, bug reporting, compatibility, and users' sanity, PLEASE
   ;;; PLEASE PLEASE don't go overboard with fixes or changes.  Remember that
   ;;; this version is supposed to be compatible with the Maclisp/Zetalisp/NIL
   ;;; LOOP;  it is NOT intended to be "different" or "better" or "redesigned".
   ;;; Report bugs and propose fixes to BUG-LOOP@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU;
   ;;; announcements about LOOP will be made to the mailing list
   ;;; INFO-LOOP@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU.  Mail concerning those lists (such as requests
   ;;; to be added) should be sent to the BUG-LOOP-REQUEST and
   ;;; INFO-LOOP-REQUEST lists respectively.  Note the Change History page
   ;;; below...
   ;;; LOOP documentation is still probably available from the MIT Laboratory
   ;;; for Computer Science publications office:
   ;;; 	LCS Publications
   ;;; 	545 Technology Square
   ;;; 	Cambridge, MA 02139
   ;;; It is Technical Memo 169, "LOOP Iteration Macro", and is very old.  The
   ;;; most up-to-date documentation on this version of LOOP is that in the NIL
   ;;; Reference Manual (TR-311 from LCS Publications);  while you wouldn't
   ;;; want to get that (it costs nearly $15) just for LOOP documentation,
   ;;; those with access to a NIL manual might photocopy the chapter on LOOP.
   ;;; That revised documentation can be reissued as a revised technical memo
   ;;; if there is sufficient demand.