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To:       Commonlisp (common-lisp@sail.stanford.edu)
From:     Doug Rand (DOUG@ENX.PRIME.COM)
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1987 05:04:00 -0000
Subject:  Re: Location of defsys.l?

They are on defsys.lsp[com,lsp] and defsys.doc[com,lsp] on SAIL.

To add to the meager documentation (I'll eventually fix this in

:needed-systems lets a system require other systems.  So to use system A
you would like systems B and C to be loaded you can specify this with
:needed-systems (B C).  This means that B and C will be loaded before
A.  It also means that when you compile-system A then B and C with be
recompiled (as if you typed (compile-system B) (compile-system C)
before (compile-system A)).  This behavior is controlled by
the :include-components keyword arg to load-system and compile-system.

The obscure sentence about :recompile-on means that the module with
be recompiled if the date-time-modified (DTM) of any of the named,
updated modules is newer then the module's DTM.  This is a common
concept in utilities like UNIX MAKE and I'm suprised that this is
a new concept for LISPer's.