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Re: x^0.0

I would like for any computation that doesn't have a well-defined value
to be either an error or result in some item which can never turn into a
normal number, even after being multiplied by 0.0. The problem with
things like +UNDEFINED is that when you multiply them by 0.0, you get
0.0.  But depending upon the exact expression involved and how you take
the limit, that is not necessarily a good result.  The problem with
+UNDEFINED or +INF is that you have only choices, neither of them very
  - make them contagious. Any computation involving one of them
	produces a result that is either UNDEFINED or INF.  The problem
	there is that you can do an hour-long computation that
	returns UNDEFINED, and have no idea where the error occured.
  - make 0 * UNDEFINED = 0.  But that can result in meaningless answers.
It seems that you you supply, at least as an option, the ability to
generate an error whenever something questionable is happening.