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Two New Package Proposal Comments (and a grotesque suggestion)

In Newton's init file it says: (use-package calculus).  I presume this is a
typo for (use-package "calculus") or perhaps (use-package 'calculus).

I also presume

(declare-package "phlogiston"
  :export ("heat-flow" "cold-flow" "make-fire-bottle"))

should read

(declare-package "phlogiston"

Since the case of these various string arguments will become the case of
the exported symbols.  It sure does SHOUT at you though.  

If we allowed symbols to be treated as strings here, then

(declare-package "phlogiston"
  :export (:heat-flow :cold-flow :make-fire-bottle))

will work, although it is a bit misleading.  Perhaps

(declare-package "phlogiston"
  :export (#:heat-flow #:cold-flow #:make-fire-bottle))