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Things to do

    3. At one point HIC offered to propose a minimal set of white-pages
    support for efficient implementation of a portable flavor system, and to
    supply the portable part.  The white-pages support would also be usable
    by other object-oriented paradigms with different inheritance schemes
    (that's the controversial part).  After a brief exchange of messages,
    HIC got super-busy on other matters and we haven't heard much since
    then.  Either HIC or someone else needs to finish this proposal, so that
    we can put in the low-level support and begin playing with the portable
    implementation of flavors.  Only after more Common Lisp users have had
    some opportunity to play with flavors will it make sense to consider
    including them (or some variation) in the white pages.  There is a lot
    of interest in this out in user-land.

My schedule is too unpredictable at this point to make a comitment, but
I intend to be doing some new development on Flavors this fall, and can
likely finish up a reasonable proposal within the next few months.  If
there's a 90% chance I can get something through, then I'll schedule