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case-sensitivity: a modest proposal

I propose the following solution to the current case dilemma:

a) Common Lisp is case sensitive: Foo is not eq to foo.

b) All symbols in packages admitted into the Common Lisp white- and yellow-
  pages are REQUIRED to be lower case. 

This has the following advantages:
a) everybody types and sees lower case
   (I guess this is an advantage, since most type-faces look better
    with all lower-case rather than all caps)
b) no confusion about what you have to remember if you are using
   shared packages: all of the symbols are lower case.

c) symbols used for documentation, parsing, file names in host operating
   system, etc. can be mixed case/upper case, etc.

d) users who like MixedCaseSymbolsToSeparateWordsInSymbols can do so
   and still have their print out the same way they were read in.