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Re: Where Pure Common Lisp lives

    Date: Sat, 24 May 86 00:10:06 edt
    From: Steven Haflich <smh@mit-ems.ARPA>

    > From @SU-AI.ARPA:snyder%hplsny@hplabs.ARPA Fri May 23 11:58:17 1986
    > Here's an alternative: How about leaving LISP:MAKE-PACKAGE alone, and
    > defining LOCAL:MAKE-PACKAGE to default to the LOCAL package?

    You'll have to do the same for LISP:IN-PACKAGE, and you'll have to fix
    the compiler to give LOCAL:IN-PACKAGE the same special attention it
    gives LISP:IN-PACKAGE...  It's disturbing how rapidly any hacking of
    the package system gets ugly.

It's not in Chapter 11 for nothing...