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    Date: Friday, 10 June 1983  22:28-EDT
    From: MOON at SCRC-TENEX
	Date: Friday, 10 June 1983, 16:10-EDT
	From: Bernard S. Greenberg <BSG%SCRC-TENEX%MIT-MC@SU-DSN>
	Before we cast the language in stone, I would like some resolution
	of why substitute-if/nsubstitute-if have argument orders incongruous
	with the rest of the if/if-not's. 

    I don't actually see what's incongruous about it.  In the Laser edition,
    all of the -if/-if-not functions replace the "item" argument with the
    "test" argument; in other words replace the object being searched for
    with the function to search for it.  substitute-if doesn't have the
    test as its first argument, but then substitute doesn't have the item
    as its first argument either.

OK, I see the grand scheme here.  My observation of inconsistency was based 
upon the fact that substitute/nsubstitute/if/if-not do not have their
predicate argument first.  I will modify my macrology appropriately.